Sunday, January 29, 2017

Dead Man´s Hand - Mexican Cantina WIP - Part one

Manufacturer:  That´s me
Scale:  28mm

Hello everbody,

in my last post I showed a lot of pictures of the Workshop with Gerard Boom in Munich.

Meanwhile daily business disabled me to work on my own project I started at the workshop.

Yesterday I took the time to work on it again. And I think it went very well so far.

Here are some pics of the WIP mexican Cantina that I want to build for Dead Man´s Hand.

One of my DMH-Gangs are the Banditos and I decided that they would need a home. I thought it would be the best decision to give them a cantina. Thurst is worse than hunger.

Today I am going to work on the building again - I hope to finish the roof and maybe the first color of the walls.



The is removable til now - after painting the walls the floor will be glued into the building.

I think this looks realistic enough.

Some things that had been a must have for the terrain.


  1. That's looking just wonderful so far Mike!


    1. Many thanks, Christopher.
      How about a new start in gaming?

    2. Sounds great Mike. I'll send you an e-mail next gaming day or you could send me one when you time.