Friday, October 4, 2019

FIW - Muskets&Tomahawks - Fierce fighting


Last saturday Gerhard, Sebastian and I had a great battle between French and British troops, about 450 points each force.
The French had the order to burn down the Iroquois longhouse while the British had to get the supply Waggon into the fort.
Two units of french regulars and one unit of Canadian militia had to fulfill this order.
The supporting Hurons had to start in canoes and to cross the lake before they were able to fight the Waggon train defended by a unit of provincials and a unit of light infantry. Another unit of Canadian militia already was set up in the ambush.
The fort was defended by one unit of provincials and a unit of British regulars. The longhouse was protected by a unit of Iroquois warriors.
The game went very close at the beginning.
The Hurons had been lucky to reach the coast of the lake very soon and started to support the Canadians in the ambush.
The wagon was on its way and it would be very difficult to break through the enemie‘s lines.
So the British regulars started to march from the fort towards the foes and started to attack the Hurons and Canadians from the rear.
The provincials left in the fort started a fierce firefight with the French regular troops and disabled them to get closer to the Iroquois longhouse.
The left Canadian unit got into firefight with the Iroquois defending the longhouse and managed to break their lines. The Iroquois once started a melee but had been driven back and also complete defeated.
So the Canadians were able to set the longhouse on fire.
Meanwhile the British regulars drove back the second unit of Canadian militia and were in a fierce firefight with the Hurons. The provincials and the wagon had the chance to walk further to the fort and the light infantry also covered their march.
But from now on the luck was with the French.
The British light infantry failed a morale test and left the battlefield.
The Canadian unit that burnt the longhouse came to support the Hurons and so the British regulars got fired by both sides.
The troop was reduced very quickly and finally was shot down.
The remaining officer started a melee with the Hurons and killed one warrior before he was shot down by the Canadians.
As the British force already had to put the morale card in the card deck it was a question of time when the force will be broken.
The provincials in the fort weren‘t able to pin the French regulars and at least one unit of French marched into the fort.
The last units of the British were the provincials that both failed their morale tests.
So the French Not only burnt down the longhouse but also captured the supply wagon and the British fort.
A total victory for the French but als a very funny game again.


Both forces - French and British

The French

The British

A part of the scenery

The second part of the scenery

The French Regulars had to start here

One of the French Militias had to start here

And here they come

The British Regulars marching out of the fort to support the supply waggon

British Provincials defending the fort

First volley with no effect

The other unit of Provincials with the waggon

And the British light infantry

French Regulars advancing

And firing at the defending Provincials

The Hurons reaching the coast of the lake

Also the second war party has arrived

The Indians starting to cut the trecks way

The first fire of the British light infantry against the Canadians - again no effect

The Canadians firing at the British light infantry causing two casualties

The British Regulars have arrived to support the treck

The Hurons reacting to the new thread

Melee between the Iroquois and the unit of Canadians attacking the longhouse 
The result was a desaster for the Iroquois

Another warrior lying dead on the ground - and the other warriors failed their reaction test and leave the table

The big chance for the Canadians to start burning down the longhouse 
And the fire spreads out

The other Canadians had been decimated by the Firing line of the British Regulars - but they are still in action

The Provincials defending the waggon against the Hurons

The Provincials in the fort don´t hold their stand

That is the opportunity for one French unit to walk around the fort

The Canadians have fulfilled their mission and start to help the Hurons against the British Regulars

The Regulars are also decimated because of the firefight with the Hurons but managed to drive them back for a while 
The British light infantry advancing - but an event card caused a morale test to them which they failed - the unit left the table without great action and will be missing in the fight for the supply waggon

The one unit of French Regulars at the fort 
And the same unit taking the fort

The British Regulars are defeated by several volleys of the Hurons and the Canadians

The officer as last man standing

The Provincials are not able to hit the Hurons - the cover is too good

After a volley started by the Hurons this unit had some casualties, failed its morale test and runs away

The British officer starts a heroic melee with the indians

He even manages to defeat one of the Hurons...

...and is been taken under fire by the Canadians

The end of the officer was clear

The Canadians stopping the supply waggon

The last unit of the British running around like crazy chicken

The French flag waving over the former British fort

The surviving Provincials are captured by the French Regulars

A total defeat of the British forces - the Iroquois longhouse has been burned down, the supply treck and also the fort have been captured by the French and their allies

The final scene of a great game


  1. That's one fantastic looking table! I can sure appreciate all the work you put into it Mike. I really should get back to painting my French and Indian war figures as I still haven't played a game in this period to date.


    1. Thank you, Christopher.
      I can promise you that you will have a lot of fun by gaming this period.

  2. Fabulous! The battlefield, the scenario, the game, absolutely everything! I have to kick my FIW-comrades back to the woods of Acadia! :)

    1. Hi Peter,

      thanks for your comment. Yes, FIW is a very very exciting period of time.

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