Monday, May 22, 2023

Muskets & Tomahawks - Tyrolean Rebellion

Manufacturer:  PianoWargames

Scale:  28mm


today´s post is about my newly started project - the Tyrolean Rebellion against Bavaria.

This rebellion happened during the NapoleonicWars in the year 1809.  For further information have a look at this wikipedia-page:  Tyrolean Rebellion

We want to play this period with the supplement rules of Muskets&Tomahawks  "Shakos & Bayonets". We are sure that this will be great with all the Bavarians, Austrians, Tyroleans and also some French placed in the Alps. 

The figures are done by the German manufacturer PianoWargames, This guy is selling his figures both as stl-files and also in metal. We joined the stl-files and the result of the figures is really great. They also are nicely to paint.

The shown figures are some test figures just to look how they will come out especially with their typical leather pants. The pater shown is one of the leaders of the rebellion called Joachim Haspinger. Hope you like it. :)  Looking forward for more to come.