Tuesday, April 23, 2024

JohnJenkinsDesings - Some more figures for "The Battle on the plains of Abraham"

Manufacturer:   JohnJenkinsDesign

Scale:   60mm (1:30)

Hi again,

Today I got two parcels with some more figures for my collection of JohnJenkinsDesign miniatures.

They are from the range of "The Battle on the plains of Abraham" (September 13th, 1759). It is also called "The Battle of Quebec". If you like to know more about this battle just use this link 


Just a little personal anecdote. I was lucky to get to Canada in 2019 and our trip also lead us to Quebec (unfortuneately the museum was closed) We just had a small sightseeing tour and also walked on the battlefield. I asked the guide if there would be a kind of festival maybe with some reenactment troops as 2019 was the year of the 260th anniversary of this battle. The simple answer was - "Why? The British had won the battle!" I have to point out that it had been a female guide and maybe she was not sharing our interest for battles and warfares. :)

Remembering this guide it is quite funny that the first parcel just arrived from Canada and the figures are British infantry in firing poses. :)

Until now my collection only consisted of four British soldiers firing and two of them already had been wounded. So not enough for creating a firing line. With today´s delivery I am able to build a firing line of at least ten soldiers. I also rearranged my display today and as the background is a mirror it just looks like two firing lines attacked by Huron warriors from both sides. It makes the scene more massive and also more dramatic.

The second parcel came from Italy there I was able to find a European dealer who also offers some sets of the FIW-ranges of JohnJenkins. The set of "Montcalm´s death" was just a must have.

Here in Germany these FIW-sets are hard to find. 

I hope you like the pictures.

Stay healthy



Today´s reinforcements ...

... combined with the other four soldiers and also the command group.

This set consists of at least four figures and was split into two boxes.

The ground plate was not included and is from my terrain collection for wargaming.

JJD also had released a gateway of Quebec - so the plate would be a good combination.

The only thing is - I don´t have the gateway.

Maybe I will try to create an own one out of foam - sometimes. :):):)