Monday, December 26, 2011

Fences for my wargaming table

Fences for my wargaming table 

I hope you all had a good time at christmas and had been able to spend time with your families and also for our hobby.

During my holidays I´ll try to finish some projects I started  a few months ago. It´s horrible. I often start several projects and the daily business takes to much time. After work I seldom have the energy to get into my hobby room to get further with my projects. Thank good the holidays will last until January 8th.

Here is the first project I was able to finish.
As I´m not only interested in painting figures I also like building terrain for my gaming table. So I started to build up some fences suitable for 28mm figures. These fences could be used for AWI, FIW or SYW.

I started with 10 pieces and they surely won´t be the last ones. In fact for I was getting on very easy and fast I just modeled more and now there are another 10 pieces waiting for getting painted.

I always try to finish a single pattern (as I do with my models) to check what it looks like. It took me some time to get the right colors and to put on the green. Being happy with the result I finished the rest of the fences.

And here is what it looks like in "battle". 
A british regiment of foot in firefight with indians.


  1. Very very effective. They look like you put in a great deal of time and effort.

  2. Hi Ian,
    many thanks for your positive comments and also for joining my blog.
    And yes, it took quite a time to produce the fences.

  3. Sehr akkurat und schön gemacht!! Bravo!
    Wie hast Du denn diesen Patinaeffekt hingekriegt? Hast Du Holzstäbchen übermalt und dann gebürstet? Sieht wirklich toll aus!

  4. Hallo Monseignor,
    Danke für das Kompliment.
    Hier die Vorgehensweise:
    2mm x 2mm Holzstäbchen bei Conrad gekauft und pro Zaun 3 Leisten zu 20cm und 10 Stäbchen zu 2cm abgeschnitten.
    Dann habe nach dem Kleben die Zäune auf 2cm breite und 20cm lange Kunststoffbases geklebt, mit Vogelsand beklebt und mit "scorched brown" grundiert. Danach folgte ein "Bürstvorgang" mit "graveyard earth" und ein zweiter mit "bleached bone". Zum Schluß dann die Beflockung mit unterschiedlichstem Streumaterial.
    Ist zeitlich zwar recht aufwändig, aber es hat sich meiner Meinung nach gelohnt. Wie im Blog geschrieben stehen die nächsten 10 Einheiten für den Farbtopf bereit. Mal sehen, wie lange ich diesmal brauche.

  5. some very nice pictures and painting going on here

  6. Thank you for your comment. Your own blog is very good and I like following it.