Saturday, December 31, 2011

How I build my fences

this will be my last post for 2011 and this one is about how I build my fences for 28mm AWI, FIW and SYW.

First of all to make things easier I just made up a little tool there the measurements for the fences are on. This helps me to get the right distances between the different layers of wood and also makes building the single fences much more faster.

My tool with different markers for the distances.

The first layer of wood,...

...the second one...

...and finally the last one.

The result after the three layers of wood. There´s also a 1mm thick plasticard ready for basing with the edges cut.

The fence on its base.

Now it´s time for putting sand on the base. To get a fine structure I use sand for birdcages.

A fence-base ready for painting and above another one already painted with "scorched brown" from GW.

The first drybrushed color ("graveyard earth").

The second and last drybrushed paint ("bleached bone").

The fence is now ready for getting flocked with different kind of greens and stones. I use different grasses and also flowers from "mini Natur". The green flock in the big box is a mixture of several flockings I found in my hobby boxes. In my opinion it´s better to use a mixture than to use a single kind of green. This looks quite better.

And here we go:  a new fence is done - ...

... done like the year 2011.

Have a good time this evening.

I wish you a happy new year.



  1. Your fences look great! But for, they are a bit too clean and to linear, so they look some kind artificial. I think they could differ a bit in height and be more awry.

  2. Hi Thomas.
    Thank you for your comment. Yes, I also think that the fences are a little bit to linear. Maybe they should find their place on prussian battlefields :).
    I tried one with broken wood. Maybe I also should cut the edges of the single woods to give them a more used or older look. I´ll try this with the next fences I will build.
    Thanks for your inspiration.