Friday, January 6, 2012

SYW - Prussian Army: Füsilier-Regiment No. 41

Figures:  FrontRank
Scale:  28mm

This is the first almost finished stand of my regiment I´m doing during the next few weeks. It´s going to be the regiment of prussian fusiliers No41. 

The basing is done in the pattern of "Die Kriegskunst". I hope that I will manage to play this game in future, though there are still a lot of minis to paint for that.

My comrades and I also want to test the rules of Sam Mustafa "Might and reason" and also the new one "Maurice" that is going to be published in summer 2012. I hope that the basing does fit for these rules.

The shown command stand isn´t ready yet. I´m awaiting a delivery from GMB with the needed flags. But to give you an impression of how this flag looks like I also placed a photo of it.

The regiment will have 20 figures in summary. So here´s another picture of the other guys waiting for their recruitment and their prussian coats.


  1. Nice looking unit so far and if LaSalle is anything to go by then then those other rules from Sam should be very nice indeed!


  2. A, Prussians, they look fine! Accidentally I'm Prussian myself and always pleased by SYW-minis.
    Do you want to play battle lines one base deep?

  3. Very good paintjob!

    Dir und Deiner Familie noch alles Gute für das neue Jahr!


  4. Great painting, Front Rank figures seem to paint up so well, you've certainly made a fine job with these!

  5. Thank you all.
    In the rules I read that infantry is only allowed to build line- or march-formations. Only cavalry is allowed to build columns. So there´s only one battle-line for infantry.
    Maybe Thomas meant this?

  6. I ask because if I remember correctly battle lines were three ranks deep in this era. So if you take these bases with two men deep, you are very close to the real formation.

  7. Hi Thomas,

    you are right. The battle lines were three ranks deep indeed. The rules "Die Kriegskunst" and/or "Maurice" tell that the single bases are two ranks deep.

    I made a mistake within my last comment.
    I wrote that infantry is not allowed to build columns. I meant they are not allowed to form "massed formations". This means a formation two bases wide and two bases deep.

    If you are interested in the rules of "Maurice" you can have a look on the Website of SamMustafa. Just click on the link which you can find on the link list of my blog (SamMustafa - Might and reason). You can find a free lite-version for download. I´m looking through this rules at the moment. In summer 2012 the full version will be published.

    As SamMustafa always develops very good games I´m sure that this game will be very good, too.