Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Terrain: My new grain field

Here are some pictures of my today's work: a grain field enclosed by fences. I was just taken with the fences I modeled a few days ago, so I decided to create a suitable grain field.

The grain is made of a cut door mat. There are four pieces which can easily been taken away from the base.

So it´s possible to leave some grain within the fences and station some figures on the base. There could be some skirmishers in a game, hidden by the grain and waiting for raiding troops advancing near to the field.

I hope you enjoy the foots. :)


  1. That looks just fantastic! We still need to get a game in someday!


  2. Hi Chris,
    thank you for your comment.
    I still would like to play a game for AWI with you.
    Unfortunately I won't have time to go to the next "Südkurve". ACW-Lover told me, that you will be there to show "Impetus".

  3. Yes, that's the plan. Too bad you can't come.


  4. An excellent piece of terrain, very well done!!!