Tuesday, June 22, 2021

"Muskets and Tomahawks" - British landing on American shore

Manufacturers:    Terrain modules: Tabletop-Modellbau (see link-list)

Scale: 28mm


about three weeks ago we had a great game using the rules of "Muskets and Tomahawks - 2nd edition".

Two British ships had reached the shore near an American settlement that was held by an American force.

The British started to row their four longboats to the shore and got immediately under fire of the only American cannon. The first Shot was a already a hit and the British unit had to leave the sinking boat.

The British answered by firing their Swivelguns at the cannon and were able to cause two casualties. The other crewmen had been shocked and left the ground.

This took place within the first 15 minutes of the game. A very heavy start.

The other three longboats managed to reach the beach but got under heavy fire started by a unit of Minutemen. They had to stand against three volleys and got some casualties before they were able to form up.

It seemed that the Americans would win this game for sure.

But fortune changed and after a while the British managed to cause heavy losses on the Americans, too.

It was a fierce fighting and at the end it was a close run. A further moral card could break both opponents` moral. In the end the game ended with the fifth red clock card.

As always it had been a very good game. We didn’t play everything without making mistakes as we found out afterwards but we again learned very much about the rules.

A short episode of a funny situation within the game - the Officer of the British Provincials got under fire and had to do a reaction test. Its result was a „flight“ and he started to swim back towards the ships. I wasn’t able to rally him for four times and every failed attempt to rally this guy was followed by a test if he would drown. After the fourth attempt this happened.

We could not resist to make it a funny event and let him be attacked by a great white shark. So don’t be confused by the three photos here showing this little episode of the game. Silly, but funny :)

Checking the placement of the units.

The American artillery.

Americans awaiting the British boats.

British longboats with Swivelguns.

Let the Lobsters come to our shore.

The longboats are filled with the British soldiers.

The first wave of boats is starting

The whole shore from the British view.

The lake from the American view.

"We will be prepared"

The first shot of the American artillery.

First shot and also first hit. This boat is sinking.
Only three boats left to bring the British soldiers to the shore.

The unit from the sunken longboat is in the water and must go back on deck of the ship.

But four soldiers lost their lives by drowning.

The second wave of British soldiers waiting for action.

One of the longboats firing its swivelgun on the American artillery.

A hit causing two casualties.

The reaction test failed and so the American artillery had left the battlefield.

Another longboat firing on the American Minutemen without effect.

Missed !

The shore is getting closer.

The embarking of the troops.

"Shoot them back into the water."

Another American volley hits the Highlanders.

The Highlanders getting shaken.

Another longboat brings some Rangers.

The British Regulars managed to form line.

The Indian allies.

The allied Indian unit from the American force.

The Highlanders` volley causes a retreat of the Minutemen.

The Rangers are here.

British Provincials landing on the other flank of the shore ...

... while the fierce fighting continous on the right flank. 

The Officer of the British Provincials was forced to retreat after a volley of the American Riflemen.
He must try to rally. If he can´t rally he has to swim back one movement to the ships and also has to check if he will drown.

Four failed attempts to rally and the fourth time the Officer also fails the check if drowning or not.
We had fun to let the Officer being attacked by a great white shark.

The Officer won´t reach the ship.

The two enemy Indian warbands in melee.

The American allies won the melee.

British Regulars firing a volley

The volley´s deadly result.

The swivelguns preparing for the next shot.

The ranks of the Americans getting smaller.

But also the British force is weakened by heavy losses.
The moral card causes some more units to retreat.