Saturday, June 26, 2021

SYW - The Bavarian Regimen Minucci

Manufacturer:  A mix of DreispitzMiniatures, FrontRank and CrusaderMiniatures

Scale:  28mm

Hi again,

in November I posted a WIP about the Bavarian Regiment Minucci a friend of mine started to paint for me. 

He has finished this regiment about one month ago. It took a bit longer because 4 figures had been missing and had to be organized.

Only the basing was done by me.

This unit shows the grenadiers of the regiment. I know that grenadier units normally didn´t carry flags  in action, but within my personal tabletop army they do.

Now they are ready for action and I am sure they will pop out because of their flags.

The normal soldiers are from my own small range of "DreispitzMiniatures" ( flag bearers are FrontRankMiniatures and finally the officers are Crusader Miniatures. The flags I used were made by "flags of war" (