Monday, November 20, 2023

Napoleonic Wars - Another figure printed in 60mm to suit my ToySoldiers collection

Manufacturer:   PianoWargames

Scale:    60mm (1:30)

Hi again,

about two weeks ago I posted a Tyrolean Rebel, that I printed 3D instead of 28mm in 60mm.

Here is his counterpart - a Bavarian Light Infantryman of Regiment No4 - Theobald.

It was fun but also hard to paint a figure in this scale. I don´t have the experience in painting this scale and so it was much harder for me than painting a 28mm miniature.

But the result is rather good and I will surely scale up some more figures of the beautiful range of PianoWargames. (

So maybe some more figures in this scale to come soon. But before that I will have to work on my other projects in 28mm like DeadMansHand, The Tyrolean Rebellion, Muskets and Tomahawks (AWI), my SYW Russian Army and so on ...

The best in our hobby is that you always can decide to paint what you want. It is not business where you have to fulfill deadlines. That´s really fine and I enjoy this very much.



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