Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WildWest - Johnny "Reb" Williams

Manufacturer:   Wargames Foundry
Scale:   28mm

Hi folks,

my name is Johnny "Reb" Williams.
I am the first citizen of the new town of "Three Oaks".
As you can see from my clothing I am a veteran of the American Civil War. 

During that war I fought within the Confederate infantry and so I did my duty on the right side against those damned Yanks.

Though we surely have been the tougher guys we couldn´t withstand the overwhelming resources of our northern enemies. 
Damn !

After the war I decided to become a headhunter. 
And yeah, my gun made me a wealthy man.

C U soon.

Johnny "Reb" Williams


  1. Thank you very much. :)
    Tomorrow I´m starting to paint Johnny´s mounted version. I hope that I´m able to finish it.
    I want to prepare some figures for 24th of June. :)