Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Dead Man´s Hand - WIP - Building and painting the Ranch from Sarrissa

Manufacturer:   Sarrissa Precision
Scale:   28mm

Hi again,

after a long time of abstinence from building terrain I decided to expand my models for "Dead Man´s Hand". I always wanted a Ranch for this system, so there could be a paddock with a lot of horses or cows.

I have found a model from Sarrissa some time ago and last week it came by post.

As you know Sarrissa models are good but they also are not as easy to build as 4Ground that come already painted. Painting mdf is not the easiest part (for me). The models of Sarrissa also don´t have the inner sides structured. 

In "Dead Man´s Hand" it is (imho) very important that you can place models inside the buildings. It is always fun having gun fights also inside the houses. So the inside of the Ranch had to be painted or even better - covered with wall papers. Also the doors in the inside had to be build using some wooden sticks.

The model is not ready yet. There is another floor to be done and also the roof is missing.
But the ground floor got ready yesterday and I think it came out quite well.

To be continued....



The doors at the inside are selfmade because there no doors in the inside of the original model.

As you can see the model is not structured inside.

One of the rooms with added wall papers.

Some Western characters placed near the house.

The floor was painted with brown contrast color. 

To get a better structure I just painted some planks twice.

I made a mistake and glued the window frames before starting to paint.

To ease painting the frames I used Acrylic pencils for the first time - and I am really impressed about the result.

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