Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Museum Tour - Visiting the "Musée de la Guerre de 1870 et de l´Annexion" in Gravelotte



I have already posted some articles about our last Museum Tour we did in the end of April this year. But two museums are still missing.

Today´s post is about the "Musée de la Guerre de 1870 et de l´Annexion" in Gravelotte. I guess that there are not many museums dealing with the "Franco-Prussian War". And this one is recommendable. If you have the chance to get there you will enjoy it.

Here is a link for the website of the museum:



One of the wonderful paintings of the museum.

First of all our visit led us to the memorial or cemetery.

And just from the memorial across the street there is the museum.

No deadly hits but this cuirassier had some aches for sure.

The German Kaiser ...

... and the French Kaiser

Europe in 1815 - The German states are not united yet.

In 1866 he unification of Germany begins and Prussia becomes the leader of the Norddeutscher Bund.

The conflict between the German states and France is growing.

"Todesritt der Brigade Bredow" at Mars-la-Tour.

After the visit of the museum our trip took us to Metz - a very nice town with some really impressive sights to see.


  1. What an absolute treat - terrific paintings, splendid uniforms. You've made my day. Thanks

    1. Thank you very much, Stephen. Glad to hear that you like that post.

  2. Looks very nice there in particular the paintings.